Elijah MikaelsonEdit

Adam: "So what I'm suppose to say 'Hey dad, I missed you'? Because I'd rather have my mother here."
Elijah: "*elegantly lifts his shoulders* I would too. She was extraordinary. Hope is much like her."
Adam: "*glares at Elijah* You...You don't get to talk to talk about my mother. She went into hiding because of you and your family. I never got to even meet her past a few moments."
Elijah: "You are right I could have stopped Klaus. I should have. But I never. I cannot take back the past, no matter how much I wish I could. If I had known about you, I would have insisted on Klaus leaving Beth alone."
Adam: "But you didn't...and so I grew up motherless."
Elijah: "Yes. At least you had your guardian as a father figure."
Adam: "Yeah, I did but I never saw him as my father."
— Adam has it out with Elijah after Hope locks them in a room using magic.

Elijah is Adam's biological father. For four hundred years, Adam never knew him. Until he went to New Orleans to get his goddaughter back. Adam is hostile with Elijah at first before Hope locks them in a room to talk about the past while she went out with Klaus. It turned out that Adam blamed Elijah for not stopping Klaus from hunting down his mother, so that she gave him up moments after birth for his protection. Elijah also reveals he blamed himself for that, even before finding out about Adam's existence. Elijah eventually tells Adam the things he wanted to know about his mother and the two find some sort of common ground on the need to protect Hope. Elijah agrees that Hope deserves to be in one place to finish her schooling and then she'll chose where she wants to be.

Beth PetrovaEdit


Elisaveta 'Beth' Petrova is the birthmother of Adam. For 500 years, Adam idolised his mother and then helped Hope return her from the Other Side. Being flesh and blood, Adam felt his admiration for his mother fade as she left so that Elijah and Klaus would not find her. Returning a few months later to switch places with her doppelganger, Beth attempted to build a bond with Adam.

Hope SaltzmanEdit

Adam: "Hello Hope."
Hope: "*hugs Adam* Uncle Adam."
Adam: "*returns Hope's embrace* How are you, kiddo?"
Hope: "Elijah's been helping me since dad died. I don't cry as much. *gives a weak smile*"
Adam: "But it still hurts."
Hope: "Pretty much."
Adam: "Well now I am here."
— Adam and Hope discussing Hope's emotion to Ric's death. 

Adam's direct descendant. The only living one and the doppelganger of his mother. Adam was the college best friend of Alaric Saltzman and was named guardian of Hope if anything happened to Ric. Also named godfather of Hope. He has a paternal bond with Hope and often looked after her when she was younger. As she grew up and was sent to live with her paternal aunt, Adam saw her less and the first time he sees her in her teen years is when he is informed of his guardian status after Ric's death. Moving to Mystic Falls, Adam finds out Hope is in New Orleans with Elijah and Klaus so he goes to get her. While there, she forces him to spend time with Elijah until they become at least civil before returning with her to Mystic Falls and takes up a historical position at the school.

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