Physical AppearanceEdit

Alessandra is a very beautiful person, petite, and one of the shortest females in the saga, along with Alice, Jane and Bree Tanner, standing at 5'2". She has long dark brown hair, which is occassionally worn as curly or straight, up or down, and beautiful hazel eyes. She has scars, mostly covered on her back and torso, and on her upper thighs and shoulders, from the three years of abduction. 

Once she will turned into an vampire, her hazel eyes will turned into red, and black when she is thirsty. Her scars will healed from the venom. 

She usually wears jeans, t-shirts, and boots, and will occasionaly wear dresses. 

Personality and TraitsEdit

Before being victimized, she was bright, cheery, fun to be with, with her family and friends. 

During the abduction and tortured, she would like be most cases of frightened and crying, pain. 

After being rescued, her bubbly personality has lessened to be an shy, quiet, solitary girl. She had anixety, fear, depression, sadness, numbness, abandoned. She didnt talk much, she had nightmares every night after the rescued, but had lessened over time. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


"Alessandra's power is different from Alice's. "
—Aro on Alessandra's power

Alessandra has the power to see into the future. She has this ability since she was an little girl, when blurry images flashes in her head, and the event actually happened. Alessandra was scared, and didnt tell anyone about her gift. They came rarely every few months or so. 

When she came an vampire, her power intensified, allowing her to see things that's happening. An little powerful than Alice, she wants something, she will see when it happens, and Aro uses her power to see if anyone has broken the law recently. She can see werewolves, hybrids, humans and vampires, with no limitations whatsoever, but too much, will make her head go overboard, and will have to wait for an day or so, to recovered. 

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