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Allegra Camellia Salvatore
Biographical information

April 12th 1864


April 12th 1881 17 years old





Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant sires


Significant kills


Cause of death
  • Snapped Neck as a human [by Stefan Salvatore]
Physical Appearance
Played by

Chloe Bennett



Born Allegra Camellia Salvatore on April 12th 1864, to Damon Salvatore and Carmella Donato. Allegra was the product of a brief affair between Carmella and Damon during his time in the Confederate Army. Carmella resented Allegra, at least once or twice a month returning home drunk to blame her for the reason no one would take on an unwed mother.

This was the reason that shortly before her 17th birthday, Allegra left in search of her father. When she did find him, Damon told her that he never wanted her, to protect her from his brother. Devasted, as Allegra left the Salvatore home, Stefan caught her and convinced her to stay for dinner as he found out it was her birthday. That night, as Damon watched in horror, Stefan killed Allegra to change her as he had slipped his blood into her wine.

Allegra's new found hatred for her father became increased when she awoke to be told by Stefan that is a vampire. Leaving before she killed or was killed by Damon, Allegra moved around for a while.

In 1960, Allegra moved to New Orleans where she met a witch called Isadora. Isadora had had a daughter; Lucille out of wedlock but was determined to keep her until Lucille's father took her away to be raised with his new wife. Dora was heartbroken and remained by Allegra's side for the remainder of her life. Dora was killed by Marcel after she warned Allegra not to get involved with him. Allegra returned to the apartment the pair shared to find her friend moments from death. She then left the city for Italy after vowing revenge on Marcel.


During 2011, Allegra returned to America after receiving a voicemail from her uncle Stefan.


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