Damon: "I Never Wanted You. That is why I never came looking for you."
Allegra: "But..."
Damon: "Get out. LEAVE!"
-Damon's rejection of Allegra

As a human, Allegra was naive and innocent. She was naive enough to go looking for her father, a man she had never met, in hopes of a better life away from her mother. But was heartbroken when he rejected her, unknowningly to save her from her uncle.

As a vampire, Allegra's new found hatred for her father became overwhelming for her and she escaped her uncle's watchful side. As she aged, Allegra became more like her father in nature. She became a free spirit but also sarcastic and self-destructive. When Allegra is reunited with her father and uncle, she begins to build a strong relationship with Damon as he explains why he told her to leave. Allegra accepts that he actually wants to be apart of her life and finally after 100 years, forgives him. Also like Damon, she will go head first into danger and shows extreme disregard for her own safety. As a hybrid, Allegra is at first annoyed at the world for having screwed her over. Becoming a hybrid instead of allowing her to be a human after drinking blood from Katherine.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Born to two Italian parents, Allegra got the best of both. Where her mother was a blonde with brown eyes, her father had dark hair and blue eyes. Standing at 5'6, she has long dark hair and big brown eyes.

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