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Amelie Mallory
( Portrayed by Kate Beckinsale )
Biographical information






  • Miss Mallory(by students)
  • Ame (By Peter)
  • Little Sister (By Deucalion)
Physical description
  • Werewolf
  • Alpha




Hair color


Eye color
  • Hazel Normally
  • Red Alpha
Family information
Family members

  • Unnamed Parents
  • Deucalion (older brother)
  • Phoebe Juliette Mallory (daughter)
  • Arabella Arkans-Fuller (Pack second in command)
  • James Arkans-Fuller (Pack Bodyguard)
  • Joshua Arkans-Fuller (nephew)
  • Ava Arkans-Fuller (niece)
  • Unknown Members
Magical characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Heightened Senses
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Pain Transference
  • Memory Transference
  • Limited Telepathic Connection to Pack
  • Mind Control (only over her own Pack)
Specific Weakness
  • Monkshood/Wolfsbane
  • Mountain Ash
  • Lunar Eclipse
  • Mistletoe
  • Hecatolite
  • Her Pack
  • Deucalion's Pack Formally
  • Scott's Pack Briefly
  • Derek's Pack
  • Peter.
  • Chemistry Teacher

"I wish to stop my brother, Scott. And to protect my daughter from him. But I also still love him deep down, he still my big brother. So I'll help you and Derek, if you do not hurt Deucalion. And leave his punishment to me."
— Amelie to Scott, in 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much '

Amelie [pronounced AM-I-LEE] Mallory is an Alpha of a small Pack, which she leaves in order to pursue her brother after learning he was in Beacon Hills. A recurring character on Teen Wolf, she is a possible love interest for Peter Hale.


Born in London, England, Amelie Grace Mallory was born to unnamed parents a few years after the birth of their son; Deucalion. She showed from an early age her ability to become a natural leader much to her brother's dismay, but when he formed a Pack, Amelie joined and pushed down her need to become what she had always felt, an Alpha. When she was 16, Amelie accompanied Deucalion to a meeting in Beacon Hills at which he made her attend the local high school while they were there. At the school, she met Peter Hale. Sometime before Amelie left, she and Peter slept together. On her 17th birthday, a few months later, Amelie found out she was pregnant. After Deucalion tried to convince her to kill one of the Pack, so that she would become a stronger Alpha, Amelie refused. Disgusted with her brother, she ran away. As her pregnancy progressed, Amelie realised the baby would need protection in case something happened to her and one night, a teenager called Arabella stumbled into the woods as she noted Amelie going in. Arabella soon became the second-in-command to Amelie and brought others to join the Pack. One night, while the Full Moon was high in the sky, Amelie was nesting when a male followed her into the woods. In a panic, Amelie transformed and killed the male. The next morning, she was devasted that she had killed someone. Arabella and the few males within the Pack, buried the body while Amelie clutched her growing stomach. A few weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy daughter with Arabella by her side. A daughter she named Phoebe Juliette Mallory.

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