Peter HaleEdit

"I see time has done one of us justice and I must say you look better now you haven't been spending as much time with your older brother, Ame."
— Peter admiring Amelie, in 'The Girl Who Knew Too Much '

Amelie and Peter

Amelie fell for Peter's charms when she was sixteen and slept with him before leaving town with her older brother, Deucalion. On her seventeenth birthday, Amelie went to the doctor and he informed her she was three months pregnant. Amelie went into a state of shock that her first encounter with Peter had been a blessing in disguise. As well as a way to remember her first love. Years later, when Amelie returned to Beacon Hills, it took a few weeks before Peter realised she was there. Turning up one afternoon after school, Peter stood at the back of class as Amelie was busy with marking. Stating he shouldn't be in the class, Amelie looked up and admired the older version of her first love and he with her. Wondering whether to tell Peter about their daughter, Phoebe walked into the classroom telling her mother that she was going out with her adopted aunt, Arabella. After Phoebe left, Peter stared intently at Amelie, before she coolly told him that she had a daughter after their last meeting. His daughter. But that she didn't expect anything from him and that her daughter knew that her father was another werewolf.

Phoebe Juliette MalloryEdit

"Ella, Her eyes are a bright green. You know like normal werewolves are yellow and some have blue. She has bright green."
— Amelie about Phoebe's eyes moments after her birth to Arabella.

Amelie and a young Phoebe

Phoebe was born nine months after Amelie and Peter Hale slept together. At first, Amelie was in shock over her pregnancy before the thought of having to bring up her daughter around Deucalion, urged Amelie to leave her big brother to form a Pack of her own. Amelie was momentarily shocked by the colour of Phoebe's eyes on her birth before they settle into a normal green colour. Amelie left Phoebe with her 'adopted' family; the Pack as she and Arabella went to Beacon Hills after Deucalion and his Alpha Pack. But soon after Amelie set up in Beacon Hills as the chemistry teacher, Phoebe turned up and she was forced to tell Peter about their daughter.

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