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Katerina may be evil, but you dont know anything about my sister.
— Anya on Katerina

Anya Petrova
Biographical information

October 28, 1477 (19/534)


October 28, 1496 by Niklaus Mikaelson



  • Noblewoman
  • Socialite


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  • Broken Neck (as a human)
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Anya Petrova (Bulgarian: Аныа Петрова) is one of the female protagonists The Vampire DiariesShe is a 534 year old vampire and the younger sister to Katerina Petrova.

In 1492, when Niklaus came to revenge on Katerina's betrayal, he killed her family, only taking Anya, as Katerina talk alot about her while she is in England with them. Niklaus took Anya back to his home in England, where she was treated as a slave to him. 

In 1496, Niklaus turned her into a vampire. 

Anya is a member of the Petrova Family.


Early LifeEdit

Anya Petrova (Cyrillic: Аныа Петрова) was born into a weathly Bulgarian family on October 28th 1477, fours years younger than her older sister, Katerina Petrova. In 1490, when Anya was thirteen years old, her sister became pregnant by an unknown man. Anya was disappointed in with Katerina, but their family disowned Katerina for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter. Katerina carried the child to term, but seconds after Anya's niece was born, their father took the child away, and Anya watched her sister heartbroken from not seeing her. Katerina was banished to England and that is the last time she saw her.


Two years has passed since Katerina had left the family. She is now fifteen years old, and doing chores around the house and being teased by the village people because her sister shameful act. Upset, she came home one evening and found her family slaughtered. She cried next to her dead mother, when she felt someone behind her. She turned around and saw a bloody Klaus, standing there. He had a smile on his face as his blue eyes were on her. He took her away back to England. 

Over the four years, Klaus made her become his slave for her sister's betrayal. Klaus transformed her into a seductive little minion when she blossom into a beautiful girl.  

In 1496, she was taught and became a vampire by turning from Klaus himself.


In 1520, she saw her niece, Nadia Petrova, and turned her into a vampire. She helped her find her mother/sister for different reasons. 


In 1820, she went down to New Orleans, where the Mikaelsons family was there. She stayed with them. There she met Marcel, Klaus' adoptive son, and Emmanuel Mikaelson, the biological son to Elijah. 



The Vampire DiariesEdit

The OriginalsEdit


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