Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Standard Witch PowersEdit


"Did you know that, about sixty percentage of the human body is made up of water? Can you imagine drowning from the inside out? Tell me what you've done to my Coven or you're going to find out" - Aria to Casper Mars on the whereabouts of her Coven


Aria conjuring up a rather powerful rain storm

Each member of the Coven has control over one of the four natural elements, one boy and girl to each element. Much like the rest of her bloodline, (except her brother Adrian, who gained the ability of Pyrokinesis) Aria inherited the ability, to manipulate water.

Aria boiling the water by using magic

Daniel Kirkwood and Allison Darwin were the first members of the Coven to see Aria using this ability, when Aria attempted to conjure up a storm, at first things went smoothly, before they quickly escalated out of control, and it took not only Aria, but also Daniel to calm the storm down: this seemed to let everyone know that Daniel had also gained the ability of Hydrokinesis.

Individual PowerEdit

Each member of the coven has their own individual power that the others do not share. Aria's individual power has not yet revealed itself.


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