This roleplay character belongs to Grace King (tumblr) and can be found here.


I came up with the idea of a fae/vampire hybrid before I knew it was just Warlow, so at the time she didn't completely take a hammer to established canon, I was kind of Jossed on this one. Consider her an AU now.

Arielle Morgan
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First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
43 episodes
Mentioned in
Also Known As


Made vampire at 24
Date of birth
June 19 1976
Date of death
1999 (Made vampire)
Bon Temps, Louisiana.
Waitress (1992-1997)

Actress (1997-2011)

Public Speaker (unnoficial)
  • All vampire strengths
  • Very diminished fae powers
  • Ability to walk in the sun
Family members
  • Aurelle Alain (mother) †
  • Taylor Morgan (father) †
  • Willow Morgan (half-sister) †
  • Adele Morgan (paternal aunt)
  • Mianna Alain(grandmother)
  • Aldric Alain (grandfather) †
  • 13 maternal aunts (aunts)
Portrayed by


"As far as I’m concerned it’s only a matter of time until people just suck it up and accept it, we have fangs, but we’re people too. Yeah, I mean, sure I’m biased, obviously but you can’t blame the actions of one idiot on a whole race of people; where has that ever got anyone?"
—Arielle on the Vampire Rights Amendment

Arielle Lynette Morgan (born June 19 1976) is a Vampire/Faerie hybrid, presumed the only of her kind, made by Eric Northman without the knowledge of her Faerie side.

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