Ashleigh Harris
Portrayed by Kristen Bell
Biographical Information
Born: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Status: Alive
Nickname/s: *Ash, AJ
Residence: Unknown
Species: Demi-goddess
Allegiance: *Xander Harris
  • Scooby Gang
  • Gabriel
Significant Other/s: Gabriel Kingston
Children: Helena Renee and Alexander Gabriel Kingston
Father: Zeus Biological

Alexander Harris Adoptive

Mother: Renee Talon
Sibling/s: Hercules, Apollo, Artemis, various other Gods.
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Character Information

Ashleigh Harris is a roleplay character created at somepoint in 2008.

Section headingEdit

Born on October 13th, Ashleigh Kristen Jayne Talon, she is the daughter of Renee Talon and the Greek God called Zeus. She was adopted at a young age by Alexander Harris.


  • The daughter of a Slayer and a Greek God.
  • She is able to control electricity.

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