Luthor TyrellEdit

Auralee's first and only love. Her husband.

Baratheon FamilyEdit

Robert BaratheonEdit

Renly BaratheonEdit

Stannis BaratheonEdit

Stark FamilyEdit

Lyanna StarkEdit

The birthmother of Auralee. Named for her and her favourite flowers. Auralee was under a year old when Lyanna was snatched from Winterfell. A few weeks later, she lost her grandfather and uncle after they appeared to the Mad King to oppose the kidnapped of Lyanna.

Eddard 'Ned' StarkEdit

Unknown to Auralee, the man she trusted was actually her uncle. Ned was stunned to see Auralee when she visited Winterfell with her family. She was the image of his sister. Upon returning to King's Landing, Ned began to bond with her with Robert's blessing and promise he would inform Auralee of her true mother. When Robert died, that plan flew out the window and a worried Ned informed Auralee himself before he was arrested for treason against her 'brother'. After witnessing Ned's death, Auralee vowed to protect her cousins and get revenge.

Catelyn StarkEdit

As a baby, Catelyn took care of Auralee while pregnant with Robb. At Winterfell, Catelyn feels a motherly love for Auralee as she raised her for a year.

Robb StarkEdit

As a baby, Auralee adored her newborn cousin before her father took her to her new home. Arriving in Winterfell, Auralee quickly forms a close bond with Robb and Jon as well as a sisterly bond with Sansa and the others. Upon hearing about Robb and Catelyn, Auralee is almost found out as trying to get revenge for Ned's murder.

Jon SnowEdit

Sansa StarkEdit

At King's Landing, Auralee keeps an eye on Joffrey's intended and her cousin. When Joffrey torments Sansa, it is usually when Auralee isn't present but she takes care of Sansa afterwards. After the death of Robb and Catelyn, Auralee feels she needs to tell Sansa before others do and does so after Luthor tells her. Holding her younger cousin, Auralee vows that she will punish those who killed Robb and the others but it may take time.

Arya StarkEdit

Bran StarkEdit

Rickoff StarkEdit

Lannister FamilyEdit

Cersei LannisterEdit

Jaime LannisterEdit

Tyrion LannisterEdit

The only Lannister Auralee actually trusts and asks advice of. He marries Sansa making him actual family to her.



Auralee's personal bodyguard. In love with Edgar Swan.

Edgar SwanEdit

Auralee's childhood best friend and former betrothed.

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