"You'll get the one thing you want most in this world: freedom. Survival. Never having to run from anyone again. Once I drop the veil, I can speak to Qetsiyah. She created the spell that made Silas truly immortal, invulnerable to any weapon. You'd like that for yourself, wouldn't you? I can give it to you."

- Bonnie to Katherine 

Bonnie Bennett
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Family information
Family members

Qetsiyah † (Maternal Ancestor)

The Witch of The Five † (Maternal Ancestor)

Ayana † (Maternal Ancestor)

Emily Bennett † (Maternal Ancestor)

Sheila Bennett † (Maternal Grandmother)

Abby Bennett Wilson (Mother)

Pauline † (Maternal Ancestor)

Joanna (Maternal Aunt)

Rudy Hopkins (Father)

Jamie (Adoptive Maternal Brother)

Lucy (Maternal Cousin)

Special characteristics

Transferring of John Gilbert's life force to Elena Gilbert's.

Resurrection of Jeremy Gilbert.

Breaking the seal to opening Esther's coffin.

Desiccation of Klaus.

Transferring of Klaus's soul to Tyler's body.

Dying to try and bring Elena back to her.

Transferring Klaus's soul to his body again.

Trapping Klaus in the Gilbert house living room.


Senior Student

Bonnie Bennett is a main female character of The Vampire Diaries. She is best friends with Caroline Forbes. While she fills the role of counselor and confidante, Bonnie is also the brassy-but-cautiouswitch, who discovers her powers just in time to help out her family and friends.

Bonnie is also noted for having many heroine tendencies, namely, being repeatedly ready to sacrifice herself for her friends. As her powers have increased, the witch has stepped up at pretty much every opportunity to trade her life for those of her friends. Luckily, Bonnie is alive and well; her spell-casting abilities most definitely came in handy when the Original Vampires came to Mystic Falls.

Lately, she's been learning of how to use Expression.

Since gaining the power of Expression, Bonnie has become of one of the most powerful characters in the series. She was able to take down two members of the Original Vampire family with ease.

Bonnie is a member of the Bennett Family.

Season One through FourEdit

[1]Bonnie and Elena.In Pilot as Bonnie Bennett began her junior year at Mystic Falls High School she, along with every other girl in school, fell under the charm of Stefan Salvatore; a new, handsome and mysterious student at school. Bonnie also revealed to Elena that she is a descendant of the Salem sorcerers, and that she and her grandmother are supposedly witches. As Bonnie continues to joke about her preternatural powers, during the Back to School Party, Bonnie inexplicably reads Elena's past. [2]A confused Bonnie lights the candles. As Bonnie adjusts to her new life as a witch, she begins spending more and more time with her warm and loving grandmother, Sheila Bennett, who is also a witch. However, it wasn't until after the death of Sheila, Bonnie began to take the subject seriously studying all her grandmother's material. After countless battles between Damon and Stefan, Sheila died after she reluctantly agreed to break Emily Bennett's spell one of the descendants of Bonnie Bennett, and free the vampires trapped from the tomb underneath Fell's Church.

In Family Ties, Bonnie and Caroline arrive at Mystic Grill. Bonnie is worried about Caroline seeing Damon but Caroline assures Bonnie that Damon is safe and that he just has lots of issues with his brother, Stefan. Bonnie encourages Caroline to give away the secret that Damon revealed to her about Stefan. Soon at the Ball Bonnie alone at a table notices a candle being blown out. She relights it just by staring at the candles, but instantly she blows it out. When Carol Lockwood complains about the unlit candles in the uncrowded room and the waiter goes to get the matches from the kitchen, Bonnie amazes herself by lighting one and the one lite candle lighting the unlit candles and the lights with her powers. [3]Bonnie trying to light a candle.In You're Undead To Me, Bonnie is seen at Caroline's house on her bed.As she listens to her,she tries to light a candle. Caroline asks what she's doing with the candle. And Bonnie, as if she woke up from a sleep says "Nothing". Bonnie trying to light candle.She puts the candle down and takes The Bennett Talisman and asks what it is. Caroline explains that Damon was going to it to her,Bonnie comments "It's ugly" right before Caroline snatches it. Then At school when Stefan comes up to Bonnie and Elena, Bonnie instantly flees saying "Hey you know, I gotta go, be somewhere right now". Afterwards Bonnie attends The Sexy Suds Car Wash. A man arrives with his car, hoping it will get washed, and Tiki comments that they can wash the car, but it will always be a "POS". [4]PyrokinesisBonnie, angered with Tiki's attitude, makes the hose run with her powers and Tiki gets wet in the process.Tiki later is in charge of the car wash and makes Bonnie sweep the pavement because it has the be dry. Bonnie in anger burns the pavement and the fire travels up along the water and along with the car is set alight, Stefan runs over to Bonnie and shakes her.Bonnie asks what happened and whether she did it or not.When Stefan says yes, Bonnie asks him not to tell anyone.Later, Bonnie arrives at Sheila's house. When Sheilaopens the door, Bonnie is crying, and says that she doesn't know what's going on.

In Haunted, Bonnie learns more and more about witchcraft from her grandmother, Sheila. Sheila talks about the history and how serious witchcraft can be. Halloween is coming, and Caroline gives Bonnie a witch Halloween costume.[5]Bonnie's halloween costume.Bonnie finds The Bennett Talisman and asks if it's the one that Caroline got it from Damon. At the Halloween Party Bonnie is front of a cauldron filled with candies. Damon approaches to her, and asks her where Caroline is. In respond Bonnie warns him to stay away from her. Damon notices the Bennett Talisman Bonnie is wearing and asks where she got it from. He easily figures that Caroline gave it to her, notes that it's his and wants it back. Bonnie says that she's not going to give it, she says she's going to give it to Caroline, and ifCaroline feels like giving it to Damon, he can have it. Damon tries to pull it off her neck, but the necklace burns his hand.Bonnie runs away and comes home as soon as possible. And tells Sheila everything. Sheila says that the necklace belonged to one of the most powerful witches in their family, and she shows Bonnie an old picture of a woman who is also wearing same the necklace: Emily Bennett. And also it is revealed that she is Bonnie's great-great-great-great-grandmother. [6]"It’s true, Elena. Everything my Grams told me. It’s impossible, and it’s true. I’m a witch."[7]In 162 Candles, Bonnie decides to pack up at her grandmother's and go home. Knowing that her father doesn't like her to be gone for long. Bonnie tries to give her grandmother, Sheila the necklace back but she says no and that it belongs to Bonnie. It is a talisman that has been passed down from generation to generation and it has found its way back to Bonnie. Bonnie decides her grandmother is right and leaves the necklace on, but just wishes it was a little bit prettier. Bonnie pays an early visit to Elena in her room. She apologizes to Elena for being an absentee friend these past few days. Feeling that she can trust Elena, Bonnie swears her to secrecy and shows some of the things her grandmother taught her. She rips open her feather pillow to Elena's surprise and proceeds to make the feathers fly up into the air. Elena is shocked but happy that Bonnie shared this with her. Back at the Mystic GrillCaroline spots Bonnie and asks her about the necklace. Bonnie refuses to give it back. When Caroline reaches out to grab the necklace, she gets a shock from the necklace. Bonnie senses that it isn't actually Caroline who wants the necklace but Damon. She tells Caroline to have Damon asked for it back himself. Bonnie walks off, upset. [8]Emily haunting BonnieIn History Repeating, Bonnie dreams of her ancestor, Emily asking Bonnie for help.She is scared when she wakes from what she thought was a dream and finds herself at the ruins of the old Fell's Church. She senses that her relative “Emily” keeps trying to tell her something and feels that the necklace has a lot to do with it. Later, at school once again and without luck again, Damonconfronts Bonnie about the necklace. She still refuses to hand it over to him. [9]He tells her that he would not hurt her and in fact, he can help her get rid ofEmilyDamon tells Bonnie that the next time she sees Emily, to tell her “a deals a deal”. Driving home from school, Bonnie tells Elena that she feels the necklace is causing all of this situation with Emily. Pulling off the road suddenly, Bonnie gets out and throws the necklace far into a deserted field.Elena is shocked but knows that it will make Bonnie feel more relieved.Elenainvites Caroline and Bonnie to dinner so that they can try and be friends again. When Bonnie arrives, she tells Caroline that the “necklace” drama is all over and that she threw it in a field. [10]Seance with EmilyThey decide to do manicures and Caroline goes into Bonnie's bag to get the kit out. Seeing the necklace in the bag, Caroline calls her a liar. Bonnie tries to convince her that she was telling the truth and that the necklace shouldn't be in there. Realizing that she over reacted, Caroline apologized to Bonnie. Suddenly, Caroline has the idea to have a séance to see what “Emily” wants from Bonnie. During the séance, the threesome start to get scared when a breeze blows through and the candles begin to flicker. The candles begin to flicker some more and Bonnie decides it's enough. She throws the The Bennett Talisman down by the candles. [11]Emily possessing Bonnie.A moment later, the necklace is nowhere to be found. Once again, Bonnie andElena believe that Caroline has taken it. Caroline convinces them that it was not her. Looking for the necklace, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena are about to give up. Soon, Bonnie is surprised to see the necklace laying on the bathroom floor. Bonnie enters the bathroom and suddenly the door shuts after her.Caroline and Elena rush over to help her but they can't seem to open the door. Finally after a struggle, the door opens and Bonnie appears calm and slightly different. Telling them she's fine, Bonnie walks away towards the door. Passing by the mirror, the reflection is not that of Bonnie but of Emily instead. Fearing for Bonnie, Elena yells for Bonnie not to leave. Noticing that Bonnie doesn't even hear her, Elena calls out “Emily” and immediately Bonnie stops. Bonnie/Emily tells Elena that she is going to destroy the necklace and that Damon will never get it back. Having had enough drama, Caroline decides to head on home.

Bonnie/Emily leaves and not knowing what to do, Elena calls Stefan. She tells him what's happened and that Bonnie/Emily is headed to Fell's Church. Overhearing this conversation, Damon rushes to the church.Once at the church, Damon sees Bonnie/Emily and demands that she honor her side of the bargain. Reaching out to grab the necklace, Damon is thrust back against a tree with a wooden stake in his side. Bonnie/Emily steps in a pentacle/pentagram on the ground and it begins to burn. [12]Incendia!Luckily for Damon, Stefan shows up just in time to save him. Bonnie/Emily tells Stefan what Damon forgot to mention. Apparently, she would not just be releasing Katherine but she would be releasing the other 26 Vampires locked in there with her. Chanting a spell, Bonnie/Emily throws the necklace into the air and it explodes into a burst of sparks. Devastated and fangs bared, Damon rushes for Bonnie and attacks her. He bites her and nearly kills her. Not knowing any other way, Stefan opens his wrist to allow his blood to flow and had Bonnie drink from him.Immediately, her wounds started to heal. Watching on, Damon tells Stefan thatKatherine never compelled him to love her. That they really loved each other. Not knowing what to do anymore,Damon tells Stefan that he will leave town.Seeing that Bonnie is fine, Elena tries to once again convince Stefanthat she cares for him and that she wants to be with him. Making her even more upset, Stefan tells her that they can't be together and that he too must leave town. Later at the Gilbert House Elena explains Bonnie everything,from the existence of vampire to Stefan and Damon. [13]Bonnie trying to do magic.In Bloodlines, Stefan finds Bonnie at the school asks her to help him. Bonnie finally agrees to help him since it involves Elena and she wants to help her friend. The two go sit down and Stefan gives Bonnie Elena's necklace to hold and see if she can find out if Elena is okay or not. Bonnie tries but discovers that her powers are blocked. Feeling scared and not knowing what is going on, Bonnie rushes off to her grandmother's house. There, Bonnie begins to try and find the answer to why she's blocked in books. Sheila arrives at home and tells her that she won't find her answer in a book. She tells Bonnie that she must go to the place where she was scared and face it. [14]Bonnie at the tomb, trying to face her fear.Bonnie heads out to the rubble of the old church and looks around. Soon, she senses that someone else might be there too. Calling out, Bonnie suddenly falls through the ground into a secret chamber. Bonnie tries but fails to get a signal on her phone down in the chamber. She begins to hear something and she puts her head to the wall and soon hears the voices on the other side. Suddenly Stefan is there and he tells her to close her eyes and flies with her to the outside. Opening her eyes, Bonnie is happy to see that it really was Stefan. Bonnie asks Stefan if the people are suffering down there. He tells her that they are no longer suffering and that only blood can bring them back. Seeing that she is scared, Stefan reassures her that it will never happen since Emily destroyed the crystal. Bonnie arrives home safe, happy to seeSheila. [15]Bonnie and Ben.In Unpleasantville, Bored with the dance, Bonnie and Caroline decide to go to the Mystic Grill. Proving to Caroline to go after what you want, Bonnie heads over to Ben to strike up a conversation. The two seem to hit it off and decide on going on a date. [16]Bonnie kissesBen.In Children of the Damned, Ben and Bonnie seemed to be enjoying their date together but Bonnie decides to talk toElena real fast. After a brief few words of encouragement from Elena Bonnie decides to go back out there to Ben and give him a big kiss. Suddenly, during the kiss, Bonnie gets a strange vibe and knows what he truly is. Recovering fast, she talks Ben into staying there longer but that she needs to use the ladies room. Approaching the bathroom, Bonnie is suddenly grabbed by Ben and take away. [17]Elena finds an unconscious Bonnie.In Fool Me Once, Bonnie was found laying by Elena in the bathtub where they got locked up.At the motel, Elena tries to help Bonnie wake up by using a cool towel. Finally Bonnie comes too and is shocked to see Elena there too. Elena explains to Bonnie that Anna wants Bonnie to use her powers to unlock the spell on the tomb.Anna makes arrangements to meet Stefan and tells Ben to use violence if necessary when dealing with Elena and Bonnie. [18]"Can I have a sip?"Once alone, Elena asks Ben for a glass of water. Just before Elena drinks it, Bonnie asks Elena for a sip.Elena hesitatingly gives her the water. Bonnie catchesBen off guard and throws the water at him. Bonnie lights his arm with magic where it's wet by the water.Ben panics and pats the fire off and just makes it in time to catch Elena before she escapes.Bonnie, who was by the door without a choice had to go back in.

He soon recovers but has a little more to deal with when Stefan kicks down the door. Stefan opens the curtains and tells the girls to leave..Back at her grandmother's house, Bonnie and her grandmother Sheila agree to help open the tomb. Thinking this will be the only way to get Damon to leave them all alone. Of course, they will need Damon to bring the grimoire. Stefan doesn't think that Damon will ever agree to trust them again. Elena steps up and says that she thinks she can get him to. [19]Casting the tomb spell.Bonnie and her grandmother soon begin the ritual of chanting the spell. After a few moments, the tomb opens. Damon grabs Elena and takes her in as leverage. He knows that if he goes in there alone, they would close the tomb again. Anna also arrives to enter the tomb. Bonnie tries to stop her but her grandmother tells her to go on in. Her grandmother explains to Bonnie that the seal has not been broken and that any Vampires entering the tomb will not be allowed back out. Only humans will be allowed out.Bonnie tries to stop Stefan from entering the tomb knowing that he would not be able to come back out. He sees no other choice and proceeds inside to save Elena anyways.

Bonnie pleads with her grandmother to help break the seal. Sheila tells her that she may not be strong enough but with Bonnie's help, maybe it will work. They both proceed to chant the spell.Once outside, Elena turns around to see that Stefan is stuck on the inside due to the spell. Bonnie explains to her what happened and Elena realizes that Stefan risked his freedom to save her. Bonnie continues to chant in hopes of freeing Stefan.They only have a few minutes before it closes again so Elena runs back inside to find Damon and Stefan. Stefan is there trying to convince Damon to leave the tomb. Damon is upset because he knows now that Katherine was never in the tomb.Finally convincing them to leave, Elena, Stefan and Damon escape before the tomb is closed again. [20]Bonnie finds a dead Sheila.Bonnie and her grandmother finally arrive home exhausted. Bonnie notices that her grandmother seems more than just exhausted. Not wanting to be fussed over, Sheila tells Bonnie she's fine and that she just wants to lie down. Elena soon arrives to check in on them. Bonnie enters her grandmothers room and notices she's not breathing. Racing to the bed, Bonnie begins to cry and tries to get her to wake up. Elena calls 911 but Bonnie knows that her grandmother is dead.

Lost in despair, Bonnie had temporarily left Mystic Falls. During her absence, Bonnie took her ancestor'sGrimoire, in order to better herself in the arts of magic and witchcraft. Later during the season, Bonnie returned to Mystic Falls, with a newly distant relationship with Elena and Stefan. Finding Damon and Stefan responsible for Sheila's death, Bonnie has since then, grown a bitter hatred towards vampires. [21]"Sorry I'm late."In Miss Mystic Falls, Bonnie is back, and Elena is overjoyed to see her.Right away though, Elena notices that Bonnie is acting very distant and she does not know why. Outside of school, Elena asks Bonnie why she never took her calls while she was gone and Bonnie tells her that she just wasn't in the mood to talk. Of course when Caroline shows up and embraces Bonnie, Elena hears that Caroline had talked to Bonnie every day on the phone.Since Matt had to work, Bonnie steps in to be Caroline's partner. [22]"She died for nothing"Once again, Bonnie gives Elena the cold shoulder. Seeing this, Elena asks Bonnie if they could talk for a minute privately. Bonnie tells her that since theVampires escaped from the tomb, it means that her grandmother died for nothing. She blames both Stefan and Damon for this. Bonnie tells her that she knows she can't expect Elena to take sides but as long as she's with Stefan, she can no longer be her friend. Later at the event Bonnie gives Stefan an aneurysm to stop him from hurting Amber.

In Isobel (episode), Bonnie is seen sitting in the cafeteria with Caroline discussing about the Founder's Day Parade. Caroline says that everyone around is having a fight, which includes Bonnie and Elena. Bonnie, apologizing, refuses to talk about it. Afterwards when Elena is at the Grill, she sees Bonnie at the door. Bonnie sees that Elena is really upset and fights the urge to go to her. Deciding against it once she sees Stefan behind Elena. Bonnie turns around and leaves without saying a word. Later at the Gilbert House there is a knock on the door, Elena opens the door at home and is surprised to see Bonnie standing there. Seeing how upset she is, Bonnie embraces Elena. Elena fills her in with all that has happened. [23]I couldn't show you that.Meeting back at school, Bonnie tells Elena that she has been reading Emily's spell book. She also tells her that Jonathan never actually invented these magical devices but that Emily had put spells on them so he thought he had.Bonnie informs her that the device Isobel wants is actually a weapon. It was meant to kill Vampires.At the Salvatore house, Damon, Stefan, Elena and Bonnie discuss how they can save Jeremy. Elena tells them that Bonnie can reverse the spell on the device and then they can hand over the device to Isobel. It would be useless now but Isobel would have no idea. Damon of course doesn't trust Bonnie. [24]"Removing" the original spellSeeing they have no choice, Bonnie begins the chanting spell. After some flashes of the lights and the fire flickering, Bonnie tells them it has been done.Bonnie and Caroline are down at the Mystic Grill and Caroline is still trying to get Bonnie to tell her why she's upset with Elena. Bonnie finally tells Caroline that she did something really bad. Bonnie tells Caroline that she lied to Elena and told her she did something but she really didn't. Once Elena finds out, Bonnie tells Caroline that Elena will never forgive her.

In Founder's Day, the parade is underway and Bonnie sees Elena and Caroline on the Miss Mystic Falls float. Waving to them until Damon steps in and waves back at Elena. Telling him to go away, Bonnie walks off. Convincing her to listen to him, Damon wants to sincerely thank her for her help in undoing the spell on the device. Seeing he is truly thankful, Bonnie begins to have doubts about not actually doing just that. [25]"I know who I am,now."Before Damon walks off, he tells her that he owes her one. At the back entrance to the basement, Stefan runs into Bonnie who warns him not to enter. He tells her that he needs to save his brother and doesn't listen to her warning and enters the burning building. Elena tries to also follow but Bonnie stops her. Bonnie begins to chant a spell that makes the flames low, long enough for Stefan to save Damon. Since then Damon and Stefan are alive thanks to her. After everything Stefan approaches Bonnie and tells her how thankful he is that she helped them. She tells him that she did it for Elena. Bonnie tells him that Damon needs to change his ways. She tells him that she knows who she is now and understands her powers. She warns him that if Damon spills one drop of innocent blood, she will kill him.

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Character is Cannon from The Vampire Diaries; Everything has been copied from the Vampire Diaries Wikia so more more information hit this button

Potrayed by Kateria Graham 

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