Connor TempleEdit

Connor is the older twin brother of Cassidy. The pair were inseperable as children but as they reached their teens, they drifted apart. When Cassidy was 16, she left home after an argument with their mother. She didn't see Connor again until years later when she was sent with Claudia to secure the area where a dinosaur had been seen. Connor and Cassidy began to get to know each other again and they always protect one another when dealing with the anomalies. When Cassidy was pregnant with Nick's baby, and the team lost Nick, Connor swore to be there when she gave birth so that she wouldn't be alone but months later Connor, Danny and Abby were trapped in the past. When they returned, Cassidy was closed off as it was the first time Connor had broke a promise to her. Eventually they get back to the closeness they had.


Caitlyn Nicole TempleEdit

The daughter of Nick Cutter and Cassidy Temple. Cassidy almost went into premature labour after Nick died but she told the baby to hold on and she, then went onto have Caitlyn six months later. Cassidy raised Caitlyn with the help of Jenny, Becker and James Lester, who became her daughter's godparents. Caitlyn is also the reason Cassidy told Matt Anderson, how she felt because Caitlyn adored Matt like a father.

Alice AndersonEdit

The first born twin daughter of Matt Anderson and Cassidy Temple. The middle daughter of Cassidy's daughters. Cassidy conceived Alice and Amber after the almost end of the world.

Amber AndersonEdit

The second born twin daughter of Matt Anderson and Cassidy Temple. The youngest of Cassidy's daughters. The most like Cassidy.


Matt AndersonEdit

Nick CutterEdit



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