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Charlotte Finstock
( Portrayed by Deborah Ann Woll )
Biographical information






  • Charlie (By Everyone)
  • Little Red (By Isaac)
Physical description
  • Elemental Faerie




Hair color
  • Red
Eye color
  • Soft Blue
Family information
Family members

  • Bobby Finstock (Father)
  • Leticia Waldorf (Mother-Deceased)
  • Humphrey Waldorf (Grandfather-Deceased)
  • Odette Waldorf (Grandmother-Deceased)
Magical characteristics
Specific Skills
  • Element Control
  • Student

"Hello father, long time no see."
— Charlotte to Coach Bobby Finstock as she arrives at the Beacon Hills High, in 'Tattoo'

Charlotte Finstock arrives at the beginning of season three after the death of her grandparents.


Charlotte grew up in London with her mother and grandparents. She was told very little about her father other than the fact that he had been unwilling to leave the small town where he lived and worked and so Leticia had left to return to her home with their daughter. The Waldorf family, her maternal family, were extremely rich. In fact they owned many companies throughout the United Kingdom and some in America also. Charlotte didn't have much interest in how her family earned their money so long as some of that money was being spent upon her. She was enrolled in every dance and gymnastic class going, and she was watched closely by many. 

Upon her 8th birthday, her mother and grandmother took Charlotte away for a day out and she learned about somefamily histories that affected the women of their blood line. The abilities that she might have and the things she would need to do when it all happened. She would become an Elemental Faerie and she was the last of their kind, there was no-one else left to carry on the bloodline. Although the information seemed strange at the time, Charlotte began to read the stories written by her ancestors and learned that the loss of a mother was the trigger for the abilities to begin.

Leticia died 6 months later and then after that Charlotte changed from being a happy, cheery, outgoing person to being distant and closed off. She learned how to control her abilities as an Elemental Faerie and that became her life. At the age of 15, Charlotte's grandfather died leaving her to help her grandmother to live. But after 18 months it was too much for her grandmother and soon enough she too passed leaving Charlotte with no choice but to move to Beacon Hills to live with her father, a fact he was unaware of until she turned up on the first day of senior year.


Charlotte's personality varies from day to day depending upon who she's with and how she is treated. Most of the time she is calm, outgoing and bubbly but there are times when she is the complete opposite

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