Powers&Abilities Edit

Christian Ozera is a Moroi, and each Moroi has the abitliy of an Element. Christian's Element is Fire. Christian is more advanced than most fire manipulator's because of his lack of friends and his tendencies to get involved in something he shouldn't. He learns how to put fire on people without burning them. He can throw his fire and he can use the fire's created by others. But Christian doesn't have much strength or speed so his fire is a great protection against things that might try to harm him or drain him dry. Such as Strigoi, but Christian wants to learn how to defend himself so he doesn't have to rely on Dhampirs to do that. 


Christian's weaknesses are his tendenies to get in to trouble, as well as his love for Lissa, she showed him enough kindness than anyone that ever shown him before. So Christian has a soft sport for the Dragomir Princess. Christian -unlike Dhampirs- Doesn't have strength or enchanted Speed so even though he has an egerness to learn it doesn't meaan he can learn it very fast or do a good job at it. 

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