Lissa Dragomir Edit

Lissa is the first Moroi that shows kindness to Christian, she is also the first person to believe whole heartedly that he isn't about to turn Strigoi. Although Christian comes off rug and rude at the beginning she still makes an effort to be his friend and get through to him. A friendship develops between them which quickly turns into love for both of the Moroi. Christian is protective over her and doesn't want anything to happen to Lissa, he thinks Rose is nothing but trouble for her but he realises that she wants to protect Lissa as well; he also knows that she will do a much better job as that is what she is trained to do. 

Friends Edit

Rose HathawayEdit

Demetri BelikovEdit

Jill MastranoEdit

Masen AshfordEdit

Eddie CastileEdit

Adrian IvashkovEdit

Enemies Edit

Tatina Ivashkov Edit

Mia RinaldiEdit

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