Even from such a young age, Christine has always been described to be exceptionally gorgeous. Angels are noted to be divine creatures that possess inhumane beauty, and that was passed down to Christine from her mother.

She has light blond hair that hangs in soft waves down her back, which many describe it to have a silky touch, and shine within the sunlight - giving Christine an angelic glow about her. She has striking blue eyes which are said to be memorizing. She has fair skin, a straight nose, thin lips and a breathtaking smile. 

She stands at 5'1 - a height which makes her appear petite, delicate, and innocent. She has a rather skinny and malnutrition frame due to her time from being locked up in the mental hospital, however that has improved since her escape. She also has two deep rough red scars on either side of her wrists when she attempted suicide.


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