This roleplay character belongs to Kelsi and is also roleplayed by Kelsi. Claudia is apart of The Slayer Academy group/genre, and can be found here

Claudia Blackwood
Name Claudia Blackwood
Aliases 'D' (by the Potentials)
Slayer (by vampires)
Bambi (by Lance)
Status Alive
Classification Vampire Slayer
Affiliation Slayer Academy
Known Relatives Fredrick Blackwood(father)
Lily Blackwood(mother)
Julian Blackwood (brother)
Tessa Blackwood(grandmother)
Unknown grandfather †
Marietta Vanderbilt (ancestor)
Notable powers The common powers of the Slayer, further enhanced through training.
Portrayed by  Nina Dobrev
"Correct me if I'm wrong, but, you're telling me that I have a vampire ancestor? Geez, there's a turn up for the books, a Slayer who's got a vampire ancestor. Wow, talk about irony huh?"
— Claudia Blackwood.

Claudia Blackwood (nicknamed 'D' by The other Slayers in the Academy.) is a Slayer, born in 1994, her powers were activated in 2003 when Willow Rosenburg invoked a magic spell that altered the ancient Slayer spell, causing girls all over the world who had the potential to become slayers, to come into their powers at an earlier stage than they previously would.

Claudia joined The Academy, when she was 18 - nine years after her abilities were activated - after being found by Xander Harris and Rupert Giles, when she was ambushed by a nest of vampires. She - like a handful of the other Slayers - are grateful for the Academy being there, since now she's able to control her abilities more.

Claudia - though unknown to her, and the other's in the Academy - is a descendant to an ancient vampire - named Marietta .


Early LifeEdit

Academy LifeEdit

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