Romance Edit

Ryder Shannon is responsable for saving Cleona's life when she was blind and being accused for witchcraft after her family parished in a fire. Ryder was apart of the Kings guard and since Cleona was locked in the dungeon of his castel he was forced to watch over her and make sure she didn't use any witchcraft, what wasn't suppose to happen was that he started protecting her and caring for her. The day before Cleona was senected to be hung in front of the town Ryder granted her with a gift, the gift of immortality. 

The day after Cleona turned Ryder was no where to be seen, Cleona scattered the land feeding on humans, but her self control was excellent since her mentor wasn't around. Wondering around the world for half a century Ryder and Cleona finally reunited and he followed her anywhere she wanted to go.

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Cleona and Ryder joined the Irish Coven together, Maggie accepted them with open arms but Siobhan was a little uneasy with new members but the new couple earned her trust very quickly. Over the years Ryder and Cleona fell deeper and deeper in love and vowed to protect each other, they were true soul mates and always will be. Maggie believes that they have an internal spark within them and it'll never die.

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