Samuel "claimed" Cyana when he first saw her when he visited The Castle with his sister. Elizabeth realised Samuel had extremely strong feelings for Cyana and threatened him, saying that if he doesn't tell her how he feels, she'll call him a coward for the rest of his life. When Samuel does tell Cyana about how he feels, instead of Cyana replying, she kisses him. The two first go around seeing each other in secret but eventually Snow finds out and tells Cyana to follow her dreams.

Cyana eventually falls pregnent with twins, Samuel is taken by the Evil Queen. Rumplestilskin visits Cyana and tries to make a deal with her, the one she loves returned in exchange for "what is forming in" Cyana's stomach. Tempted, Cyana almost agrees but Prince Charming shows up and tells Cyana not to do it. Cyana

Peter PanEdit


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Snow WhiteEdit

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