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This roleplay character belongs to Grace King (tumblr) and can be found here.

Daniel Lockwood
Biographical information

June 7, 1993 (18)


2012 (by Niklaus)





  • Werewolf (formerly)
  • Hybrid (currently)
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • His mother (technically)
  • Unnamed hiker (by accident)
Cause of death

Snapped neck (as werewolf)

Killed by

Niklaus Mikaelson

Physical Appearance
Played by

Tyler Hoechlin

Daniel: "Klaus tried to turn me and now something's happening to me, lights are brighter, sounds are louder and I feel... well... hungry. I think I might be..."
Stefan: "... you're transitioning!"
Daniel: "How is that even possible?"
Daniel discovering Klaus is trying to make him a hybrid

Daniel Benjamin Lockwood is one of the main male characters in The Vampire Diaries. Daniel was a werewolf but later became a werewolf-vampire hybrid after he and his cousin, Tyler were turned as an experiment by Klaus, who planned to make an army of hybrids. Daniel is the son of Michael and Lucia Lockwood, the step-son of Katrina Lockwood (née Jessop) and the husband of Eva Salvatore. Daniel also has two uncles, Mason and Richard as well as an aunt (by marriage) Carol Lockwood, meaning that Tyler Lockwood is Daniel's cousin.


Early LifeEdit

The Vampire DiariesEdit



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