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Lillian Cullen

Bella: "You're with Lillian now, as in ex-Volturi, Edward’s insane sister, Lillian."
Edward: "Wait,” [reading his mind] “You…during the reception..." [Edward is suddenly right in front of Dan] " had casual sex with my sister during my wedding reception."
Dan: "We were bored, come on.” [smiles awkwardly, gets a frown] “It was… boring… so…"
Bella: "Just... don't finish the sentence Dan."
Dan about the “Reception Incident”.

Lillian Cullen is Edward Cullen's biological sister. Lillian is considered to be quite vindictive and cold with not much care for anyone but herself, however, Dan sees another side of her. Though Daniel had known her to some degree before, he only properly met Lillian at Bella and Edwards wedding, where the two, slightly drunk and bored, had a one-night stand.


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