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Danielle Phoenix
Danielle Phoenix
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*London, England (formerly)
  • New York, NYC
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"Sometimes, Dean that's all we got is hope."
—Danielle to Dean
Danielle Phoenix (frequently known as Dani or Elle) is the biological daughter of unknown supernatural parents. She was adopted at a very young age to Daniel and Isabel Phoenix. Her father knew all about her biological parents, he knew what they were and what Danielle was but he had kept it from her all her life. Danielle's father is a FBI Agent and her mother was a Lawyer before her tragic 'accident' which Danielle never believed was an accident. She knew deep down that there was more to it then what she was told, knowing that her father was keeping information from her which caused her to start her own investigation which would get her closer to finding out the truth about herself and her biological parents as she investigates her mothers death. She is close friends with Sam and Dean Winchester, she's known Sam since College before her leaving to investigate her mothers death. She often helps Sam and Dean out from time to time, and is shown to have romantic feelings for Dean, and it was mentioned a few times that she had romantic feelings for Sam which she says was just a crush.

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