"I think my fascination with that very concept kind of comes through in Dominic's visions of the past, unlike Alice's there is only one of them. There is no possibility of it ever changing because it happened in the past. Everything has happened, Alice can see the future and her twin brother can see the past. Sort of like they are different sides of the same coin"

―Stephanie Batton on her creation of Dominic's power.[src]

Dominic Cullen
Biographical information

1901; Biloxi, Mississippi



Perpetual age


Created by

Unknown staff member from the asylum

  • Daniel Dominic Brandon (birth name)
  • Dominic Brandon
Physical description




  • 5'10 (novels)
  • 5'11 (film)
Hair color
  • Black (novels)
  • Dark Brown (Film)
Eye color
  • Green (human)
  • Gold (vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic vampire abilities
  • Enhanced agility
  • Self-control (lacking)
Special abilities



High school and college student

  • Olympic coven
  • Black pack
  • Uley pack
  • Denali coven

Dominic Cullen (born Daniel Dominic Brandon in 1901) is a retrocognitive vampire and member of the Olympic coven. He is the biological sister of Alice Cullen, the adopted daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen, the adoptive brother of Emmett CullenEdward Cullen, Jasper Hale and Rosalie Hale. He is also the adoptive brother in-law of Bella Swan and the adoptive uncle of Renesmee Cullen. He also had a younger biological sister,Cynthia Brandon, who remained human and passed away, and a niece, Cynthia's daughter, still living in Biloxi, Mississippi.

In 1920, after having been institutionalized by their family, an unknown vampire turned both himself and his sister to save them from the relentless tracker, James. Later, she was led to the love of his sisters life, Jasper, after receiving a vision of him, and the pair subsequently joined the peaceful coven of the Cullen family. He is known for less control than his sister although his sweet nature much like Alice

She is portrayed by Torrance Coombs in the movie adaptations.

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