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Elizabeth 'Effy' Stackhouse
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
60 Episodes.
Mentioned in
60 Episodes.
Also Known As
Lizbeth, Effy & Beth by Sookie
Sweetheart by Gran
Libby by Hadley
Eff & Libzinski by Jason
Goldilocks & Vanilla Pudding by Jess
Blondielocks, Miss Stackhouse & Virgin by Eric
Fairy Bitch & Vampire Faerie Pam
Date of birth
August 23rd, 1990
Date of death
September 12th, 2010.
Waitress/Barmaid & Dancer
Human/Faerie Hybrid (Formerly)
All vampiric powers
Daywalker - The ability to walk in the sunlight without being hurt.
Family members
Jonas Stackhouse(Ancestor)
Earl Stackhouse(Grandfather)
Adele Stackhouse(Grandmother)
Bartlett Hale(Great-Uncle)
Francis Stackhouse(Great-Uncle)
Linda Stackhouse (Mother)
Carey Delahouysse (Father)
Corbett Stackhouse(Uncle)
Michelle Stackhouse(Aunt)
Hadley Hale (Sister)
Jason Stackhouse (Cousin)
Sookie Stackhouse (Cousin)
Hunter Savoy (Nephew)
Eric Northman (Maker& Lover)
Pam Swynford De Beaufort (Vampire Sister)
Portrayed by


"I'm not some stupid Fairy okay Sook. I'm just a normal girl from Tennessee who has weird shit happen to her. Got it?"
Effy to Sookie.

Elizabeth 'Effy' Stackhouse was born in Bon Temps on August 23rd, 1990 to her parents Linda Stackhouse and Carey Delahouysse. She has an older sister called Hadley Hale and a nephew called Hunter Savoy. Feared by her mother that she would have the same ability as Sookie, they were forced to move to Tennessee. Effy has more than the average ability of a Human/Faerie Hybrid. Sookie can hear thoughts where as Effy can hear and control them similar to a vampires glamour. However not short after Russell vanished. Eric turned Effy. With the usual stuff that a baby vampire has, Effy was different. She was a vampire that could walk in the sun. However this unique gift caused an uproar in the Vampire community, many feared her ability where as others wanted to harness it. Forbidding his new prodigy to leave 'Fangtasia', Eric became fondly attached to the 5ft2 blonde which eventually led to the pair sharing a coffin aswell as many other things. 

Like your typical run of the mill vampire Effy enjoys the warmth of fresh human blood, she however choses to drink the thick gross ooze that they call 'True Blood'. Eric finds her taste unusual but also euphoric especially when she has her preys flesh still between her teeth. Pam has attempted to kill Effy several times causing a somewhat fun game of cat and mouse between the two. 

( More Coming Soon... ;) )

The Early Life Of Effy Bloody Stackhouse.

"I need to know. Is she like you Sookie?"
Effy's Mother asking Sookie if Effy is anything like her.


I Can Hear Your Thoughts... How Can I Hear Your Thoughts?!


An Eternal Virgin? Are You For Real?!?!

"Don't you like having your cherry popped over and over again by me Miss Stackhouse?"
Eric to Effy on her eternity of virginity.



"A vampire that can walk in the sunlight? No wonder why Eric's obsessed with you."
Pam to Effy about her ability.

Daywalker - Ability to walk in the sunlight without any damage.

Telepathic - Ability to read minds aswell as control them.

Glamour - Unlike a normal vampire, Effy's glamour is stronger than most she can compell any human or vampire that she see's fit, including Eric although she would never use it on him, Pam or Tara.

Light - Even after death Effy's Faerie powers never subsided. They did however make them somewhat weak against her own kind but also made it infinite.

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