"You guys all think this is one big show right? Well this isn't a show. Your stuck in this life. You don't get another shot. You have to live this one. Don't waste it"

● Phoebe Ignis↓
Phoebe Ignis
Biographical information

31st October 100BC


over 3000 years old





Physical description

- Immortal (faerie/ )




5ft 8inches

Hair color


Eye color


Family information
Family members

●Lieta Pokilia (Mother) †

●Jacoba Pokilia (Father-Figure) †

●Andrew Pokilia (Brother) †

● William Pokilia (Brother) †

● Tessa Ignis (Step-Sister)

● Unknown Faerie (Father)

Magical characteristics
Specific Skills

● Spirit

● Dream Manipulation

● Elemental Manipulation

● Spirt World

● Telekinesis

● Illusions

● Spell casting

● Animating

● Telepathy


← Magically Bonded

Phoebe Jackie Ignis was born in Italy to Jacoba and Lieta Pokilia on Friday 31st October 100BC. Stefanie had two little brothers, Andrew and William. Phoebe's body stopped aging at twenty one because of her power connecting to spirit. At first her power started off small and since then it has grown and adapted to become more powerful than she could ever believe. Phoebe watched her life play out and had to leave her parents and her brothers when she turned 18. More and more people began to learn about her powers and her family could have been used against her. Changing her name, Phoebe ran away from Italy and didn't return until she knew for sure her parents were gone from this life. She didn't want to bring up any memories for them or herself. Being away from her family let her grow and learn about her abilities.

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