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Esme Campbell
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6 - 12
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  • Nanny
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Character HistoryEdit

Born on November 24th 1990, Esme and her identical twin were delivered by an emergency C-section to an 18 year old Gwen Campbell. Both twins had been breech, so when her labour started, Gwen was in extreme pain as the hours progressed, however nothing happened. Christian and Mark took their cousin to the hospital against the wishes of their other family members, and Gwen was rushed to theater where at 11.24 in the morning, Esme's twin sister Zoey made her appearance in the world followed five minutes later by Esme. 

As children in a hunting family, it was natural that the girls were taught to hunt from the moment they could walk. They were mainly taught by their cousins as their mother didn't want to be the one to scold them for not doing what they should. 

Where her twin excelled at her lessons, Esme was more slower to learn as she didn't want to be a hunter, she wanted to be a regular child but did as her family did, and learned. 

At the age of eighteen, Esme attended college to learn child care and sociology for her future but she still hunted when needed. During her first year, Esme met her father after the death of her mother. 

After three years, she graduated top of her class and became a nanny for a wealthy family who had had roots in hunting but had given it up along the way. Through that family, she had had brief contact with the English Men of Letters but it was unknown to her at the time until she was asked by Dean to help him and Sam to try and track Mary, only then did Esme realise who the men were. But by then, Esme had already began to develop a relationship with Mick Davies.

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