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Euphemia Morgenstern
Portrayed by Odette Anable
Biographical Information
Full name: Euphemia Katrina Morgenstern
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Alias: Kate Montgomery
Residence: New York Institue
Species: Nephilm/Demon
Occupation: Shadowhunter
Father: Valentine Morgenstern +
Mother: Jocelyn Fairchild
Sibling/s: Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern

Clary Fray

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Pale
Character Information
First appearance: City of Bones
Latest appearance: City of Lost Souls

Euphemia Katrina Morgenstern (aka Kate Montgomery) is the daughter of Valentine Morgenstern and Jocelyn Fairchild. She is the twin sister of Jonathan and the older sister to Clary.

She changed her name to Kate Montgomery when she had ran away from Valentine and Jonathan, and into the mundane world.


Early LifeEdit

While she was still in the womb with her brother, her father had experiment on them, dosing with Lilith's blood into her food. Euphemia was upset that her mother never loved her or Jonathan, but was determined to find out. Lilith sees Jonathan and Euphemia as her own children, and Euphemia didnt love Lilith, as much as Jonathan love Lilith, even though Lilith watched them constantly and aided Valentine for them. 

As her brother became cold, heartless and bloodthirsty psychopath, she however kept her humantiy and emotion, complete opposite of Jonathan, who became repulse with her, that even he became abusive towards his twin sister. 

At the age of sixteen, she had ran away from her abusive brother and her father, and went out living in the mundane world, covering up her runes and marks with an glamour spell. Before the City of Bones, she had met Simon Lewis, her younger sister Clary Fray and her mother, Jocelyn Fairchild in New York. 

The Mortal InstrumentsEdit

City of BonesEdit

City of AshesEdit

City of GlassEdit

City of Fallen AngelsEdit

City of Lost SoulsEdit


  • Euphemia means Spoken well of in Greek. Katrina means pure in Greek and German
  • Euphemia Morgenstern is portayed by Odette Anable


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