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Eve Grace Corbin
Biographical information

August 30th (died at 17 years old)


10th Century



  • Mystic Falls High School Student (formerly)
  • Vampire
  • Corbin Doppelganger (Originator)
Family information
Family Members
  • Leila Charlotte Corbin older sister
  • Anna Lucia Corbin older sister
  • Unnamed Parents †
  • Unnamed brothers †
  • Unnamed Nephew via Leila
  • Shiloh Harlow Doppelganger/decendant through Leila
  • Christian Anna's partner
  • Shaun Leila's partner
Supernatural information
Significant spells


Significant sires
  • Shaun
Significant kills
  • Shaun as a human
  • Finn neutralized 4th time
Cause of death

Broken neck via Mikael (as a human)

Physical Appearance
Played by

Allie Gonino

First seen
  • Dangerous Liaisons
Last seen
  • Graduation


Born during the 10th Century, the youngest of five children. Eve knew the Mikaelsons' growing up and was close to Kol and Rebekah.


  • Eve is the first vampire created by Kol Mikaelson.
  • 'Eve Grace' means 'life blessed'. Ironically, Eve wanted to die when she found out she had survived Mikael snapping her neck because her new vampire status.
  • Anna was the first of the Corbin sisters to be changed into a vampire by Klaus, unlike Finn who Eve and Leila had thought turned her. She also changed her identical twin Leila into a vampire so the sisters would remain together and fled Mystic Falls before Mikael realised Eve was alive.
  • Eve has had the most trouble with herself after becoming a vampire. The first and only sire she made was purely by accident.
  • Eve is the only Corbin sister with blonde hair unlike her sisters' brunette hair.
  • Eve has a doppelganger that can be used to bring back others from the other side once the veil is dropped.