This page is about Eve's older sisters; Anna and Leila. The twins were the third and fourth out of five children born to unnamed Corbins.

Anna Lucia CorbinEdit

The first born daughter to the Corbin family. She was born moments before her twin sister Leila. From an early age she was protective of her younger twin and later their baby sister Eve. She was the first to become a vampire. Originally thought to be the first vampire created by Finn, it is revealed centuries later that she was actually created by Klaus.

Leila Charlotte CorbinEdit

The younger twin sister of Anna. Leila is head-strong and blunt which becomes duller over the centuries as she bonds with her partner. This usually leads to bickering between the twins as Anna is the more sensitive sister. Leila was changed by Anna so that the sisters could leave the small town that would later become Mystic Falls.

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