Evelyn Bosworth Denali is the younger sister to Garrett, and the adoptive sister to Kate, Tanya, Eleazer and Carmen Denali, and to the late Irina Denali. She is the mate of EJ Cullen. 

Garrett DenaliEdit

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Evelyn's older brother: Garrett

"Garrett loves Evelyn, he is very protective of her. He even turned Evelyn after Evelyn was severely burnt. "
—Edward on Garrett and Evelyn.

Garrett is Evelyn's older brother and her creator. They were inseperable, protective of each other. Evelyn was upset when Garrett left to join the American Revolution, and even more upset when the solider told them Garrett went missing, assuming dead. 

Over the next few years, an fire broke out in Evelyn's house, their parents perished in the fire, while Evelyn was suffering third degree burns. Garrett, who heard about the fire, visited the hospital that Evelyn was submitted to, and was heartbroken to see Evelyn covered in bandages, looking weak and vulnerable. Garrett, not wanting to loose his sister, had turned Evelyn into an vampire. 

Evelyn was estactic that her brother was alive, and traveled with him.

Edward Jacob CullenEdit

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Evelyn's mate: Edward-Jacob Cullen

Edward-Jacob Cullen is Evelyn's mate.EJ is the son of Edward and Bella Cullen, and twin brother to Reneesme. Evelyn met EJ in Breaking Dawn, after the threat from the Volturi. EJ took in an great admiration to Evelyn, forming an crush towards her. Evelyn, knowing about the crush, kept her distance because of many reasons. 

Kate Denali

Kate Denali is Evelyn's sister-in-law and adoptive sister. Evelyn saw Kate and Garrett, bonding during those months at the Cullen house. 

Kate-311674 429620897081142 1923271342 n

Evelyn's adoptive sister/sister-in-law: Kate

Tanya DenaliEdit


Evelyn's adoptive sister: Tanya

Eleazer DenaliEdit

Eleazar-557016 429619953747903 1139590876 n

Evelyn's adoptive brother: Eleazer

Carmen DenaliEdit

Carmen-482079 429619627081269 1412388429 n

Evelyn's adoptive sister: Carmen

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