Like her brother, Evelyn can easily interact with people she knows, but can be shy when meeting new people. She is caring, loving and protective to the ones she cares and loves about. She finds the vegetarian lifestyle curious and interesting. She has find it difficult to adjust to her new diet. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

"Behind Garrett, a tall, slender woman withruby red eyes. She has the same features as Garrett, indicating that these two are siblings."
—Bella on Evelyn on the first time.

Evelyn stands at 5'7" tall with a slender figure. She has long dark blonde/brown hair with deep ruby red eyes but that will change after joining the Denali Coven to golden eyes from drinking animal blood. When she is thirsty, her red eyes turns black and in the sunlight she will sparkle. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Evelyn has shown of having good combat skills, this is due of being taught by her older brother. 

Tactile Telepathy and ProjectionEdit

"Evelyn's power is similar to Aro and Reneesmee. She needs to physical touch someone to get her power to work, and once the connection is done, she can send and read thoughts to others."
—Edward on Evelyn's power to Bella

Evelyn has the ability of reading and putting thoughts into other people's head. Similiar to Aro, Edward and Reneesmee, she needs to physically touch someone to get that connection to work. Once connected, she can mentally send and read thoughts of the other person's mind. 

Evelyn's power would be useful for Aro. She declined the offer that Aro ask her, but thanks to Bella's shield, Chelsea's power didnt work on her. 

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