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Evie donovan
Evelyn Marie Donovan
Biographical information



By Klaus in 2010.



  • Waitress (part-time)
  • Student (currently)
  • Junior Cheerleader


Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Unnamed Hybrid (2012)
  • Tomb Vampire (2009)
  • Jenny Matthews (2012)
Cause of death

Snapped Neck (as a werewolf)

Killed by


Physical Appearance
Played by

Dianna Agron

First seen
  • "Pilot"
Last seen
  • N/A
""That girl had a life. She had a mom and a dad. I used to see her all the time, just playing with her little brother. She had people who loved her. People who...who cared. And I took that away from her. I killed her. Oh my god, I'm a monster Matt!""
—-Evie to Matt after she killed Jenny

Evelyn Marie 'Evie' Donovan is a hybrid, and was born in Mystic Falls to Kelly Donovan and an unnamed father. She is the younger biological sister to Matt and Vicki Donovan. She's the best friend and ex-girlfriend of Jeremy Gilbert. She was bitten by Mayor Lockwood, on a full moon, during one of Mystic Fall's 'Party in the woods'. She was the second hybrid to be created in Mystic Falls, by Klaus two days after Tyler Lockwood, and much like Tyler, Evie is sired to Klaus.

Evie grew up in Mystic Falls; and when she was merely eight, Kelly packed up her belongings, jumped in a beat-up truck and left town with her boyfriend Pete. Evie grew up under the watchful eye of her older brother.

Evie is the first known werewolf; who was bitten, instead of being born with the Werewolf Gene. She also did not have to take a human life to activate the curse. Much like when Tyler became a hybrid, Evie gained the abilities of a vampire - and also the weaknesses.

She is a member of the Donovan Family


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