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Ezra Gene Salvatore
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October 12, 1991 (19)






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Significant kills
  • Robert (hybrid, self defence, staked)
  • Unnamed Vampire (self defence, staked)
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Dylan O'Brien

First seen
  • "Pilot"
“Hey, I realise this probably means I watch way too much TV, but I'm 99.9% sure that he just stole that from Angel's 'I offered ugly death to everyone I met' speech. Just sayin'”
— Ezra

Ezra "Ez" Gene Salvatore (b. October 12, 1991) is the son of Zach Salvatore, the twin brother of Evangeline Salvatore and the distant half-nephew of Stefan and Damon Salvatore.  He is one of the main male characters of The Vampire Diares. He is also one of the few cast members (who started of human) that haven't been turned or gained powers, making him somewhat of a 'token human'.

Until recently, he attended Mystic Falls High School with his classmates, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan and, for a while, Stefan Salvatore; during this time he worked as an office aide at the school. However, he graduated over a year ago and is now a student at Whitmore College (majoring in Chemistry), taking a job working as an admin at the college's library.

At first Ezra seemed to be a very peripheral character, spending most of his time off-screen at various after school activities, leading him to spend very little time at home talking to his father, though they had a good relationship. After his mother's death, Ezra often tried to distract himself with these things, friends' parties, gaming and sports, among other things.

After the death of his father, Ezra could be described as quite reclusive, as he avoids talking to people or befriending them,

Ezra is a member of the Salvatore Family.


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