Physical Appearance Edit

Barely the size of a human thumb, Thumbelina is a beautiful young female with long strawberry blonde hair. She has clear blue eyes with hints of green.

In Storybrooke, she stands at a statuesque 5 foot 9 inches. She has fair skin with rosy pink cheeks.

Personality Edit

Sweet, gentle, kind and romantic at heart, Thumbelina is also friendly young woman with a naivety to her that attracts the attentions of many suitors. However, her heart has belonged to Prince Cornelius from the moment they met.

As her adventures progressed, she matured and grew more confident and lion-hearted than she thought she could ever be. 

She is also smart, adventurous, daring, heroic, caring, compassionate, understanding, strong-willed, courteous and ladylike.

After her time as Geoffrey's captor, Fayette suffers from PTSD as she struggles with his abuse of her over twenty-eight years. But with love and affection from Cornelius, she begins to overcome this to return to her previous self.

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