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This roleplay character belongs to Kelsi and is currently being re-vamped].

Felicity BellaPromo
Felicity Cullen
(formerly Montgomery )
Biographical information

May 14th, 1470


1487 (17 years after birth)

Perpetual age


Created by


  • Liss (by Felix)
  • Traitor (by Caius)
  • Leech (by Jacob Black)
  • The Beautiful Bitch (by Jessica Stanley)
  • Felicity Montgomery (birth name)
Physical description
  • Vampire



5'8 (173)

Hair color


Eye color
  • Hazel (human)
  • Red (volturi)
  • Gold (cullen)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color
  • Pale
Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • basic vampire abilities
  • enhanced speed
Special abilities


  • The Volturi (formerly)
  • Olympic Coven

"That's Felicity - Edward's girlfriend, or as I like to call her 'The Beautiful Bitch'. She's incredibly beautiful, but a major bitch to everyone, well everyone except Edward"
—Jessica Stanley on Felicity.

Born to a Reverend and his wife, Felicity Montgomery is the younger biological sister to Felix. She was turned into a vampire by Felix himself, when she came looking for him. She'd managed to skin her knees when running away from seeing her older brother's blood red eyes, and the blood over-powered Felix, prompting him to attack her. Turning Felicity into a vampire, is the only thing Felix feels guilty for. Upon her transformation, she was gifted with an ability. She gained the ability of, Illusions. which allows her to alter the perceptions of others. Felicity doesn't need physical contact, all she has to do is have her target within her line of sight, and she can deceive their sight, making them believe whatever she wants them to.

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