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Gabriella Salvai
Biographical information

1094 (20/900+)


1114 by Niklaus Mikaelson



  • Hunter
  • Student


Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Many
Cause of death
  • Broken Neck (as a human)
Killed by
Physical Appearance
Played by

Crystal Reed

First seen



Gabriella Salvai is the young sister to Garret, who is one of the members of the Five , born in 1094, Italy. When the Mikaelson’s came, Gabriella gave a good impression on Niklausof her youth and beauty. Niklaus courted her, giving her his blood each night.

In 1114, she became a vampire, when she saw her family being murdered by Klaus. 

She is a member to the Salvatore Familyand descendant to Silas, ancestor to Damonand Stefan Salvatore


Early Life

In 1094 A.D, Gabriella was born. She became the younger sister to Garrett. 

​In 1110 A.D, in Italy,  Garrett, becomes a member of the Five. A witch gives him tattoos and enchants their swords.  1114

Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah arrives in Italy. She and Rebekah became close friends, and Niklaus was impressed with Gabriella's youth and beauty, that he even courted her, giving his blood to her every night. 

One night, Alexander had figure out about them, and they daggered the Mikaelson family. 

Gabriella was asleep when she heard screams, and was forcebily awake when she saw it was Klaus, drench in human blood. Klaus was angry with her for telling her brother, she argues that never told anyone about him and his siblings. Klaus' believes her, and asks for she wants to become a vampire, she agrees and she became a vampire. 



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