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Grace Lucia Hunt
1 - 8
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Alive Trapped with Metatron
Around. Heaven mostly.
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"Uh Apparently, you can't chose your parents.


—Grace stating what everyone was thinking upon the revelation Lucifer was her father.

Grace Hunt is the daughter of Lucifer and an Angel of The Power [or Authority] called Amelie. She was born via their human hosts along with a human twin. When Grace died at the hands of Sam, she went through a metamorphosis as her body ready itself for the next stage of her life. Becoming an Angel.


Lucifer's brief escape.Edit

On a rare night in 1985, Lucifer briefly escaped his Hell to take over a temporary host called Thomas Hunt as his true host was still a toddler [Sam Winchester]. It is unknown how he did so, but he briefly reunited with another called Amelie who took over Thomas' wife Louisa as her true host for one night.

Nine Months Later...Edit

Nine months later on June 12th 1986, Louisa gave birth naturally to twin daughters, that she and Thomas named Grace Lucia and Holleigh Louisa Hunt. Only months after giving birth, Louisa died of complications after a demon tried to attack the twins after hearing rumors of a child of Lucifer. Thomas was left to raise the girls with the help of his sister Ellen Harvelle, who lost her husband a few years later. 

Gabriel's ProtectionEdit

From the moment, she was born, Gabriel had watched over his niece Grace. As a baby, he protected her from the demon that killed Louisa. After that, he'd occasionally thoroughout her childhood visit her after her sister would put her down. Once, he gave her an angel necklace with a pearl as a birthday gift and told her never to remove it. It was a necklace to stop Angels and Demons from locating her and it worked as Gabriel never appeared to her again until she was 18.

Car Crash.Edit

On the night of Grace and Holleigh's 18th birthday, Holleigh was driving the family; Grace, herself and their father, when at something Thomas said about Grace, made Holleigh fly into a rage and drove the car into a wall. Gabriel appeared moments before impact and grabbed Grace. Laying her on the road as the car burst into flames, Grace passed out, physically unhurt but emotionally wrecked. After the crash, Grace went to live with her aunt and cousin until she realised that the bar was a place for hunters. Once she found out about Dean and John hunting, Grace turned up in one of the towns. Although, John refused at first, he and Dean began to teach her and she joined them and eventually Sam and Dean.

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