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Hannah Amelynne Moretti
Biographical information

October 17th 2007 (Small town outside Volterra, Italy)



Perpetual age

16 (Actually 6)

Created by




  • Hannah Cullen (Adoptive Name)
  • Han (by family)
  • Ame (by Carlisle)
Physical description

Human/Vampire Hybrid





Hair color

Black/Dark Brown

Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Gabriella Moretti † (Mother)
  • Marcus (Father)
  • Arianna Moretti † (Maternal Grandmother)
  • Carlisle Cullen (Adoptive Father)
  • Esme Cullen (Adoptive Mother)
  • Edward Cullen (Adoptive Brother)
  • Emmett Cullen (Adoptive Brother)
  • Jasper Hale (Adoptive Brother)
  • Alice Cullen (Adoptive Sister)
  • Bella Cullen (Adoptive Sister)
  • Rosalie Hale (Adoptive Sister)
  • Renesmee Cullen (Adoptive Niece)
  • Didyme † (stepmother)
Special characteristics
  • Limited Vampire Skills
  • Self control
Special abilities
  • Emotional Projection
  • Another Unknown
  • Olympic coven
  • Black pack
  • Uley pack
  • Denali coven

""You must take her far from here. From her father, mother. They will use her for evil deeds.""
Gabriella to her mother about the newborn Hannah as she dies

Hannah M oretti 'was born on October 19th 2007, to Gabriella Moretti and Marcus. Adopted by Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Adopted sister of Edward, Bella, Emmett and Alice Cullen as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Adopted aunt of Renesmee Cullen.


Hannah Amelynne Moretti was born on October 2007 to an Italian woman called Gabriella Moretti and Marcus, a member of the Volturi. Hannah's grandmother was with Gabriella as she gave birth to her. With her dying breath, Gabriella pleaded with her mother to take the baby far from the Volturi's reaches as she could. For weeks, Arianna Moretti travelled her granddaughter to other contents via trains, buses, ships, etc. All the time finding out as much as she could about another child born like Hannah. Finally after a few months, Arianna arrived with Hannah outside the Cullen house. At first unsure, Hannah began to cry as Esme opened the door to the grandmother and granddaughter, the unsureness in Hannah began to make the air around them become tight and unbareable. This caused Arianna to hush the baby as she felt the tightness in her own body. But a smile from Esme, eased Hannah's tension and she soon warmed to Esme and the other Cullens. Arianna was diagnosed with cancer when her granddaughter had grown to the size of a toddler, and pleaded with Carlisle not to say anything and to take care of the little girl. After her grandmother's death when Hannah had looked old enough, she was adopted into the Cullen family, and at her request, she kept her last name and only used Cullen for formality.

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"Esme: "What is this little one's name?" Arianna: "Hannah Amelynne. My daughter picked it. She knew she was having a daughter.""
Arianna tells Esme the origins of Hannah's name.

Hannah Amelynne was chosen by Gabriella Moretti before she was even born. Gabriella had sensed the being within her body would take her life but she didn't mind if it meant Hannah would live. Therefore chose Amelynne as a middle name as it meant 'beloved' in Latin. Hannah was chosen because of the meaning 'Grace of God' in Hebrew.

Given a few nicknames as she grew, Hannah is most commonly known as Han. Apart from Carlisle who calls her 'Ame' [Aimee] for her middle name.

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