Daughter of Gabriella Moretti and Marcus. Biological granddaughter of Arianna Moretti. Adoptive daughter of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Adoptive sister of Edward Cullen, Bella Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale and Rosalie Hale. Adoptive aunt of Renesmee Cullen.

Gabriella MorettiEdit


Gabriella Moretti

""The precious moments I will miss, but the moment of your birth will not be one of them. I truly regret that I will never see you as an adult. To see you get married. To have children of your own. But know that I love you. Sempre e per sempre, Semper et in aeternum. Always and forever my beloved daughter.""
Gabriella in a letter to Hannah.

A great beauty in her small village, who once almost bitten by Aro as she was similiar to his sister. Marcus, momentarily snapped out his aloof nature to ask for Aro to spare Gabriella's life. As she left, Gabriella stated she owed Marcus her life and was in his debt. One night after returning from America, Marcus turned up at Gabriella's door to call in his debt. A test by Aro to see if it were true that a child could come from the union of a vampire male and human female. But what Aro did not count on was the words Marcus had told Gabriella after their night together. That if she were pregnant, never to tell Marcus that way Aro could never use the child as a way to control him. Gabriella swore and gave birth underneath a church in a town near Volterra, Italy with her mother by her side. Before the birth of her child, Gabriella knew she wouldn't be around for her and so wrote a letter to be given to Hannah when she was ready to read it.




Hannah's birth father. He slept with Gabriella as she was the image of his deceased wife and for a moment, he wanted to feel. After the night they spend together, Marcus tells her if there is a child, not to tell him and take the baby far away and keep it safe. When Aro finds out that the Cullens have a new member of their coven, and that it is a child who is growing fast, much like Renesmee, he sets out to find out if she is another hybrid. Aro takes the Volturi; Marcus, Caius, Demetri, Jane, Alec, Chelsea and Felix to Forks. Upon meeting the child, who had by that time been taught to use her abilities and not panic, Marcus knew she was his daughter. An overwhelming sense of paternal love hit him hard, but he remained neutral so as not to alarm Aro.

Carlisle Cullen Edit


Carlisle is the only father Hannah has ever known and because of that she is closer to him than the other Cullens. He is protective of Hannah a little more than the others because he knows of her loss in such a short life. Carlisle adored Hannah from the moment he met her, but also gives her much free reign when she states she wants to know Marcus.

Esme CullenEdit



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