An intelligent, bright person, Helena is forgiving and compassionate. When Harold reveals she is his daughter, Helena is originally unwilling to listen to him and begins to hate her mother, but as time passes she begins to understand why her mother did what she did and forgives and embraces Harold in her life as her father. Helena knew from one of her uncles, that she was similiar in personality to Harold but with more charisma and confidence that him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Photo 12884

Standing at 5'5, Helena has long brunette hair and blue eyes like her father. When undercover, she uses various wigs and coloured contacts. Normally she wears tailored clothing but undercover she uses various clothes that fit the character.


  • Helena Wren - BirthName
  • Helena Finch - Adopted Name.
  • Lennie Smith - Alias
  • L.J. Starling - Alias
  • Lennie, Len, Lena, Elle, Miss Finch, Miss Wren, Jaynie - Nicknames By John Reese.
  • Mari Crane - Alias

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