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Hope Winter Saltzman
Biographical information

November 5th, 1994 (17 years old)





Family information
Family Members
  • Alaric J. Saltzman† (Father)
  • Sarah Pierceson (BirthMother)
  • Lucy Armstrong † (Aunt/Former Guardian)
  • Kal Armstrong † (Uncle/Former Guardian)
  • Unnamed Paternal Family
  • Isobel Flemming† (Adoptive Mother/Stepmother)
  • Elena Gilbert(Adoptive Sister/Stepsister)
  • Adam Pierceson (Maternal Ancestor/Godfather)
  • Elizabeth Petrova † (Maternal Ancestor/Doppelgänger of)
  • Elijah (Maternal Ancestor/Current Guardian)
  • Katerina Petrova/Katherine Pierce (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Nadia Petrova (Maternal Ancestor)
  • The Petrova Line† (Maternal Ancestors)
  • Tatia † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Unknown Mikaelson † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Finn† (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Klaus (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Kol† (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Rebekah(Maternal Ancestor)
  • Henrik † (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Mikael† (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Esther† (Maternal Ancestor)
  • Klaus' unborn child (Maternal Ancestor)
Supernatural information
Significant sires


Significant kills


Physical Appearance
Played by

Ashley Benson

First seen
  • "Blood Brothers"
"Seriously I come here and the first thing you can say is 'What the hell are you doing here?' Thanks dad, it's good to see you too."
Hope to Alaric's reaction to her turning up in Mystic Falls.

Hope Saltzman is a protagonist of the series.  The daughter of Alaric Saltzman and Sarah Pierceson. She is a descendant of the Mikaelson and Petrova line through her mother. Her mother abandoned Hope hours after her birth so she was raised by primarily by her father.

Maternally, Hope is part of the Mikaelson Family and Petrova Family. Paternally, she is apart of the Saltzman Family.


Born Hope Winter Saltzman on November 5th 1994 to Sarah Pierceson and Alaric J. Saltzman. She was conceived through a brief relationship and after her father proposed marriage upon Hope's birth, Sarah left while Ric was sleeping in the room as he held the newborn in his arms. His best friend, Adam Pierceson turned up moments later to wake Ric up and held the newborn as Ric searched the hospital for the mother of his daughter. Unable to find her, Ric was left to name his daughter and raise her. When he met and fell for Isobel Saltzman, Ric had to make sure that Isobel would be a suitable mother for her and on the night he asked her to babysit, Hope became ill and Isobel stayed by her side as she was unable to reach Ric. Finding Isobel sleeping by Hope's side, he knew she was the perfect woman for him.


  • Most believe that a doppelganger is an evil twin of the person they are the doppelganger of. Elijah states that Hope is almost the exact same in nature and personality as Beth, except for her warmth which allows Hope to embrace everyone no matter what they have done to her or those she loves. Like with Klaus. Beth was always unsure of others.
  • Hope was created on bebo originally as a non-canon Reaping character, then I changed her to Riley Bier's younger sister and finally settle on Alaric's daughter all between 2009/2010.  

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