Born with a sunny disposition, Hope has a natural warmth about her that attracts others to her. She is intelligent, compassionate, empathetic, passionate, modest, selfless, helpful, loving and forgiving. But she is also shown to be stubborn like her father. She handles her emotion better than her father sometimes, but at other times, she closes off like him. When she bonds with another, Hope values the relationship, even if the other person has hurt someone she cares about or even her. An example of this is when she bonds with Klaus, despite everyone seeing him as a threat to her life, Hope believes in the goodness of him and it allows Klaus to see her as more than a doppelganger.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Unlike the other doppelgangers of the Petrova family, Hope was born with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the
image of Elisaveta Petrova, more commonly called Elizabeth or Beth Petrova. Her height is 5'3 (162cm) and has a slim physique much like her distant cousin; Elena Gilbert.

When Elijah met Hope, he was immediately stunned by her. As one of three people that knew Beth and Hope, he is the only one to actually openly tell Hope anything she asks about Beth. He tells her that they both have the same glow of life, but that Hope's comes from a place deep inside whereas Beth's came from her want to be normal. Elijah stated that they both favour being in comfortable clothing. In Beth's case, she had to wear corsets and large gowns, which she accepted but had them in her favourite colours such as pink, purple and navy, on special events she would wear gold or blue to highlight her golden hair or blue eyes. In Hope's case, she prefers to wear whichever clothes she feels for that day, at special events, she tends to wear yellow or cream colours and rarely blue.

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