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"Isabella you killed a man."

"I don't care."

Isabella Salvatore is the younger sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore and a protagonist in the TV show, Vampire Diaries. Alike her two brothers, Izzy is a vampire. Running out of options, Damon attempted to help Stefan recover his humanity by tricking Stefan into killing Bella and having to deal with the guilt. By force feeding Bella his blood, when Stefan did kill Bella, he knew she would start her transition into Vampirism. 

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Isabella Salvatore
Biographical information

April 20, 1847 (Aged 17 when turned)


By Damon Salvatore


Undead (Vampire)



  • Human (Originally)
  • Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline)



Mystic Falls

Family information
Family Members
  • Stefan Salvatore
  • Damon Salvatore
Supernatural information
Significant kills

Leo The Barman

Cause of death

Slit throat.

Killed by

Stefan Salvatore

Physical Appearance
Played by

Hayden Panettiere

Last seen



When Stefan's humanity turned back on, he was distraught at what he had done. Bella, after feeding on a girl Damon had brought her, left her two brothers as the mere sight of her upset Stefan. She hoped that Stefan's grief would bring him and Damon closer so they could act as brothers once more.

Bella doesn't return to Mystic Falls until halfway through Season One, when she returns for her nephew, Zach Salvatore's funeral. She stays in the boarding house with Stefan during this period and during this time, confronts him about the past and tells him she forgives him for killing her. She then decides to stay, in hope that she can save the now-sardonic Damon. 

Mixing elenas blood and blood of belladonna plant. all experiments die apart from bella ultimate hybrid.

Early Life

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Season OneEdit

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Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

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