Physical AppearanceEdit

Isobel stands at 5'4" tall with a slim, average figure. She has long, curly brown hair, like her older brother, Charlie, and had hazel eyes.  She looks like Charlie, and her features heightened when she became a vampire. Her hazel eyes turned gold after feeding on animals. She has the pale, granite skin. When she gets hungry, her eyes darkened, and purple bruise-like shadwos appears beneath her eyes. 

She is physcially frozen at the age of 18, through she is suppose to be thirty-eight years old.


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has mostly learn her combat skills from her family, during her twenty years in Denali.

Mental Attack and Minimal Mental ShieldEdit

Isobel has a minimal mental shield, that she can only protect herself from. Her niece, Bella, however has a more advanced shield then she does. 

Her mental attack power on the other hand is very powerful. She has the ability to release/use mental powers to various attacks, anything from empathy, mind, psychic and telepathic to her opponements. 

Similiar to Jane's power, she can however use it on anyone in range. This power would be useful for Aro, and that she is a threat to the Volturi. 

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