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Jayde Wood
First appearance N/A
Last appearance N/A
Appeared in N/A
Name Jayde Stacey Wood
Aliases *Jay By Sarah and Kassidy
  • Witch By Jennifer
  • Sweet Girl By Robin
  • Beautiful, Babe By Luke
Status Alive
Classification Witch
Affiliation *Scooby Gang
  • The West Brothers
  • The Osbourne Pack
  • Kassidy Summers
  • Sarah Giles
Known Relatives Faith Lehane mother
Notable powers * Elemental Control
  • Telekinesis
  • Enchanting Items
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Empathy
Portrayed by  Kat Graham

Jayde Wood is the daughter of Robin Wood. She becomes best friends with Kassidy when she arrives in the newly built Sunnydale.


Born Jayde Stacey Wood to an unnamed woman and Robin Wood. The couple's only child named for her green eyes. Jayde became the new source of magic within a world where Buffy had destroyed it. She is adopted by Faith Lehane and considers her her mother.


  • While writing this page up, I realised that Faith being Jayde's mother didn't make sense so I changed that part so that Jayde is the same age as Sarah, Jennifer and Kassidy.

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