This roleplay character belongs to Matthew and is currently not in use.

Kara Amelia Colt


Higher Being
Human, Vampire (formally)
Higher Being Powers
All Vampiric Powers (Formerly)
Amelia Colt † (Mother)
Melissa Colt † (Daughter)
Niklaus Mikaelson † (Maker&Lover)
Portrayed by
"A young girl, forced to go about this wide world all by herself. But don't worry, i can look after myself. And you'll see that."
Kara Colt.

The Beginning.Edit

Kara Amelia Colt was born in the USA. It is unknown where abouts, she was given up by her parents at a young age. Or so that's what she was told. Infact it was much bigger than she could ever have imagined, you see, her parents had given her up at all. She was taken, when they were killed. They were a nice little family, just the three of them. That was up until one day when a 'guy' named Niklaus visited them. You see, he wasn't what you call human, infact a vampire. He all of a sudden, killed Kara's family and took her as his own. That was until the day she was old enough, for him to turn her. At the age of just eighteen, Niklaus bit into Kara neck and done what he had to do. Turning him into one of her own. Because of everthing, Kara was confused and ended up bedding Niklaus one night. Due to that, she became pregnant, but it wasn't mean to be. With her later loosing the baby at around 7months. The little thing hadn't a chance. A few years after, Kara found out everything. She knew she had to leave, she couldn't look back. So she ran and she ran. In the end Kiklaus caught up with her, and not wanting her to leave. He staked her in the heart himself.


Becoming A Vampire

Learning it all over again.Edit

A few years months after what would have been her 23rd Birthday. Kara was suddenly brought back into the world, as a higher being.

(More Coming Soon!)
note this character is not in use and is unlikely to be updates anytime soon.

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