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Katerina Ozera
Portrayed by Alice Englert
Title: Lady
Nickname(s): Little Fire
  • Fire Girl
  • Kat
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Origin: American
Race: Romanian
Species: Moroi
Element: Fire
Parents: Natasha Ozera (mother)
Family: Lucas Ozera (uncle)

Moira Ozera (aunt) Christian Ozera (cousin) Brett Ozera (distant relative)

Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Height: 5'5
Appears in: Vampire Academy,

Frostbite, Shadow Kiss, Blood Promise, Spirit Bound, Last Sacrifice

Katerina Ozera is a royal Moroi , being the only child of Natasha Ozera and unnamed father, and the niece of Lucas and Moira Ozera and cousin to Ozera Christian Ozera . When she was young, her aunt and uncle turned Strigoi , willingly. They came for Christian and Katerina and were going turn them Strigoi as well, but Natasha protected him and Katerina until guardians came and killed them. 

She and Christian then began attending St. Vladimir's Academy but because of her aunt and uncle's actions, she and Christian was avoided as people thought they were likely to become Strigoi like them. Christian and Katerina are very close, very protective of each other. 

When Lissa and Rose returned, Katerina watched Christian fall in love with Lissa, and she was happy with them. She soon became the attraction of Adrian and Eric Ivashkov. Katerina was kidnapped along with Christian, Rose, Mia , Eddie and Mason by Strigoi in Frostbite. They both used their element, fire , to aid in their escape. She also helped in breaking Rose out of prison when she was framed for the Queen 's assassination. 

After discovering it was her mother that killed Tatiana and manipulate Lissa's role of becoming queen, she was heartbroken and devastated. She became Lady Katerina Ozera. 


Early LifeEdit


Eytmology Edit

Katerina is a a Greek name that means "pure". It is used in Macedonian form of Katherine, Russian short form of Yekaterina, Bulgarian short form of Ekaterina and Greek variant of Aikaterine.  

Ozera is a Russian word (Озёра) which means "Lakes" or Hebrew name which means "Treasures".


  • Katerina Ozera is portrayed by Australian actress, Alice Englert , in the film adaption of Vampire Academy.
  • Her name Katerina has the same name of Katerina Petrova , from the Vampire Diaries, which she is portrayed by Nina Dobrev and a vampire.

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