Physical AppearanceEdit

Katerina is described as a beautiful Moroi girl. She has the Ozera trait of icy blue eyes and dark, curly black hair is highlighted by her pale skin. 


Katerina likes being alone and with Christian. She is very mysterious, stubborn. She keeps her thoughts to herself, and let her opinions out when she thinks is the right time. Like Christian, she is brave and sarcastic.  She believes in using offensive magic, and that since she is a loner, she can observe people more than most people could. She is forgiving, protective and smart. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Katerina is a fire user moroi, that can create, manipulate and project the Element Fire from her hands or minds. She can create fire out of nothing and is able to manipulate it when using it against a opponnent. Her ability is the only Element that can destory a Strigoi completely. Katerina's power was shown in the Attack of St. Vladimir's and also shown to set people alight and keeping the flames and heat of their opponent. 

The only side effects that is weakens them. 

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