Human, Un-triggered werewolfEdit

Stephen: "So, what were you like when you were human Kathleen?"
Kathleen: "I was like all children, fun-loving and playful"
Niklaus: "That and you were damn right stubborn, aggressive and determent, come to think of it, you still are"
Kathleen: "Very funny uncle Nik"

Not much is known about what Kathleen was like when she was human though Kathleen was described to be like what children are now, fun-loving and extremely playful. She was kind, caring and got along extremely well with people. She loved her adoptive family greatly and still does today. According to Niklaus, she was also stubborn, aggressive and determent. She had a great sense of humour and loved to tell jokes. Kathleen also had a very good instinct which was right 100% of the time


"When I became a vampire, I changed, I became more of everything I already was I even gained new traits, I became demanding, Katerina was right about that. After a century, I'd completely lost who I was, it wasn't till the 16th century when I became who I was, being a vampire has taken it's toll on me, especially since I was a werewolf originally"
—Kathleen about her personality as a vampire

According to Kathleen, she changed dramatically when she became a vampire. Her personality was heightened to a point where she got new traits, one of them being that she was very demanding. She still had some aspects of her human personality like her stubbornness, her great sense of humour and being extremely fun-loving. Like Elijah, Kathleen was extremly moral. She kept her perfect instinct, which her family made the mistake of ignoring in Italy, leading to a disaster. She didn't have any trouble with controlling her hunger. At some point in her vampire life, she'd completely lost the girl she used to be. During the early 16th century, she had been separated from some members of her family and was now only with Elijah. This may have been how she recovered her old self.


Damon: "So now you're officially a Hybrid? What's different?"
Kathleen: "I have access to the abilities all triggered werewolves do but I don't have to turn on a full moon"
Damon: "Mental note: do not piss off Kathleen unless have to"
— Damon and Kathleen on Kathleen having became a Hybrid

When Kathleen became a Hybrid her personality didn't change much. She was roughly the same person she was only difference is that she isn't as tolerant to people annoying her then what she was when she was a vampire. She also threatened people with more deadlier consequences. Saying she will kill them if they hurt anyone she cares about. Also as a Hybrid, she doesn't have all her humanity, showing when she killed a witch without a second thought in New Orleans. Kathleen still had her perfect instinct

As a Hybrid, Damon also warned everyone else that pissing Kathleen off is 'A. tremendously stupid and B. asking to have a slow and painful death'. She also has a short attention spam. Kathleen is loyal to what she believes in until the end. Damon has called Kathleen 'one of the bravest Hybrids he ever knew' when he came to make sure that she was okay. She is merciful and can forgive people easily for what they've done, no matter what it was, showing it when she forgave Damon for what he had done to her and her family.


Kathleen Mikaelson

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kathleen is a average sized Mexican-American girl. She is physically a ten years old with brown eyes and dark hair. Like her sister, she resembles Elijah since they have the same facial structer. She normally wears jeans with a T-shirt and always has her hair in a pony-tail. Kathleen is of Mexican-American descent.

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